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Garden Mole Removal in Shropshire - Mole Deterrent - Pest Control Near Me - Mole Poison - Pest Repeller - Mole Extermination - Mr Mole Man - Much Wenlock - UK

Mole Catching in Much Wenlock

An eruption of moles in this garden lawn, led to only on thing, a call to Mr Mole Man.

Our aim to control the moles in this garden. 

A number of traps were set in line with the current activity, Talpex, Tunnel and Scissor all deployed to catch this mole.

On returning to check the traps, one mole had been caught and with no further activity all the mole traps were removed.


Mole Catching in Leebotwood - Vermin Control - Mole Catching Equipment - Pest Stop - Pest Repeller - Mr Mole Man - Woolstaston - UK

Mole Catching in Woolstaston, Shropshire

I was asked to control the verminous mole population in this large garden in Woolstaston. They were seeing little pockets of mole infestations erupt throughout the grounds, and they needed controlling.

I assessed the extent of the mole infestation and then set mole traps accordingly. 

On checking the mole traps I was pleased to have removed one mole on the front and back lawn. The traps were reset and will be checked again soon. 


Mole Pest Removal in Shropshire - Vermin Control - Mr Mole Man - Mole Catchers - Mole Traps UK - Mole Deterrent - Tunnel Mole Traps - Bicton - UK

This large community area in Bicton was being ruined by the presence of several moles, which were once out of the way at the bottom but have since spread to colonise other parts, putting up masses of hills. With pristine lawns potential targets, I was called in to assess and control the mole infestation.

After checking the tunnel mole traps yesterday, I was pleased to see a reduction in the activity of the moles, with 5 dead moles of all stages of maturity removed from this labyrinth.


Mole Catcher - Mole Traps - Mr Mole Man - Mole Control - Pest Control for Shropshire - Humane Mole Trap - Shrewsbury - UK

Dont Let A Mole Get Cozy This Winter!

With the winter drawing in fast, you’re probably starting to prepare your garden for another cold winter, making sure everything is in order so that it will still look incredible in the spring. That means sweeping up the leaves, checking all the flowers, and giving your lawn that last once over.

But there could also be someone else trying to prepare for winter in your garden too. A horrible mole. And moles don’t sleep during the winter. They just snuggle down underneath your lawn, and keep digging, all through those cold months, making miles and miles of tunnels and lots of mole hills, so that come the spring, your garden is a mess.

So when you’re sweeping up those autumn leaves and you notice that a mole might have crept into your garden, scurrying up a mole hill in the corner, don’t assume it will just disappear over winter. That’s the last thing it will do, as things will only get worse.

Instead, call Mr. Mole Man - whatever time of year it is.

Mr. Mole Man will come out to your house rain or shine, cold or wet, any time of the year if you think you might have a mole. When you’re walking round the garden one frosty morning and see anything that might resemble a mole hill, pick up the phone and call Mr. Mole Man.

One quick phone call before winter sets in, or even one during those cold months when there’s snow on the ground and a tiny soil mole hill peeping above the snow, could make all the difference between a great start to spring for your garden, or a terrible one. 


Mole Catching in Condover - Mr Mole Man - Exterminator - Mole Trap - Shropshire Pest Control - Pest Deterrent - Humane Mole Traps - Plug in Pest Repellent - Condover - UK

Mole trapping in Condover

The owner of this large garden in Condover, Shropshire, was overwhelmed by the number of mole hills, and shallow mole tunnels that were gradually runining his pristine lawn. The problem with shallow runs is that they go relatively unseen until you look a little closer, lo and behold there is an entire network.

After a quick mole patrol to assess the extent of the mole problem, walking swiftly by the solar powered mole deterrent, I located the runs and set 5 traps, all were marked with flags to identify their location.

I am pleased to report that after checking the traps we have a 100% trapping record, with 5 moles caught over 2 visits to this property. The owner, a keen horticulturalist is delighted with the success and looks forward to reinstating his lawn. One trap has been left ensitu to make sure that the run on the lawn is free is of moles.


Moles in Garden - Mole Traps - Mole Catching - How to Catch a Mole - Mole Deterrent - Mr Mole Man - Exterminator - Church Preen - UK

I was called to this property in Church Preen, which had just seen an explosion in the number of moles tunneling through the lawns and flower beds. After an assessment of the mole infestation I set to work setting and marking 21 claw mole traps. 

I was pleased to have a caught 2 moles within hours of setting the traps, and I will be back soon to check again.


Most Effective Mole Trap - Mole Catcher - Mole Traps - Garden Moles - Exterminator - Mole Repellent - Mr Mole Man - Garden Mole - Shrewsbury - UK

I was called to this quaint property in the centre of Shrewsbury, where the mole was wreaking havoc with its hills on a relatively small lawn. After a brief discussion I set some mole claw traps in the lawn and also in the borders. On returning to check the traps this week I was pleased to have caught one mole, with no futher activity to be seen in the garden.


Mole Catcher - Mole Traps - Mole Deterrent - Exterminator - Pest Repeller - Pest Stop - Mole Traps for Sale - Mr Mole Man - Whitchurch - UK

Worried you might have moles?

Instead of trying to catch the mole yourself, call US, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully trap your mole infestation, and we do this on a daily basis throughout Shropshire, with many satisfied customers, who have had their garden, paddock, field, allotment, commercial ground returned to the verdant green it was.

Exploring the myriad of old wives tales to catch your mole is akin to chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Remember once a mole has been alerted to your incorrectly set traps it WILL travel at half kilter through its labyrinth and be more difficult to trap. 


Pest Control Shrewsbury - Mole Traps - Pest Removal - Garden Mole Removal - Mr Mole Man - Mole Deterrent - Exterminator - Bridgnorth - UK

I was called to this property in Bridgnorth where the garden mole was causing a huge mess with all the mole hills. I set a number of traps, using tunnel mole traps near the edge of the path and talpex mole traps in the remainder of the garden.

I am pleased to report that on my second visit to check the mole traps, I had caught a juvenile mole. 

It goes to show that one mole can make a lot of mess in a short space of time with their constant subterranean activity.


Catching Moles - Mole Traps - Mr Mole Man - Talpex Mole Traps - Vermin Control - How to Catch Moles - Pest Control Shropshire - Atcham - UK

I was called to this well known hotel in Atcham, the mole hills were ruining the green vista enjoyed by guests and wedding parties. I set 4 mole traps in areas which had been indentified by my inital survey of the area. On returning to check the talpex mole traps today I was pleased to see that there were no new mole hills and one mole exterminated.